Diamond Dust
Original: ダイヤモンドダスト
Dub: Diamond Dust
Captain: Gazel
Coach: none
Manager: none
Formation: Basic
Game: Inazuma Eleven 2
Anime: Episode 53
Manga: Unknow
Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト) one of the Aliea Academy's master rank team. their captain is Gazel. By the match VS Raimon ended by a tie 2-2. After that match Gazel  wasn't satisfied,so he fused his team with Prominence creating Chaos.


  1. Shirai Ikkaku (Beluga) (GK)
  2. Touchi Shuuji (IQ) (DF)
  3. Kurakake Clara (Clara) (DF)
  4. Gokukawa Kantarou (Gokka) (DF)
  5. Touchi Ai (IC) (DF)
  6. Toba Ren (Valen) (MF/FW)
  7. Kadomichi Tooru (Droll) (MF)
  8. Kurione Yuki (Rhionne) (MF)
  9. Tsumujino Touji (Blow) (MF)
  10. Suzuno Fuusuke (Gazel) (Captain) (FW)
  11. Mikoori Rei (Frost) (FW)

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