Fire Dragon
Original: ファイアードラゴン
Dub: Fire Dragon
Captain: Chae Chan soo
Coach: Lee Jin Sung
Manager: none
Formation: Free Match
Game: Inazuma Eleven 3
Anime: Episode 80
Manga: Unknown
Fire Dragon Korea's national team.


  1. Jo Jung-Soo (GK)
  2. Hwan Woo-Myang (DF)
  3. Hong Doo-Yoon(DF)
  4. Cho Myong-Ho (DF)
  5. Ko Seong-Hwan (DF)
  6. Park Baek-Yeon (MF)
  7. Chae Chan Soo (MF/Captain)
  8. Kim Eun-Young (MF)
  9. Terumi Afuro  (FW/MF)
  10. Nagumo Haruya(FW)
  11. Suzuno Fuusuke (FW)
  12. Ho Ji-Nan (GK)
  13. Seol Hyeon-Dae (DF)
  14. Lee Cheong-Yun (MF)
  15. Cha Jeon-Won (MF)
  16. No Seong-Jun (FW)

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