Ichinose Kazuya
Ichinose Kazuya
Ichinose Kazuya
JP name 一之瀬 一哉
JP nickname
Dub name Erik Eagle
Dub nickname
Gender Male
Position MF
Number 16 (Raimon)
7 (Unicorn)
Element Wood
Team Raimon


Erik head Ichinose Kazuya is one of the supporting characters in the series. He was a midfielder for Raimon during the first and second seasons and later in the third season he played as a midfielder for America's national team, Unicorn.


He has black eyes and long eye lashes followed by brown hair swept to the left side.He has a slightly tanned skin.


Ichinose is described to be similar to Endou.He is a nice and simple person.He loves soccer from his heart and wants to kick the ball all the time.He is shown to be a good childhood friend of Kino Aki and Domon Asuka.He is known as the 'Field Magician'. Ichinose also makes apparent mistakes in American sayings twisting them around a bit.Aki corrects him, saying the actual sayings.

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