Kageno Jin
Kageno Jin
JP name Kageno Jin
JP nickname Kageno
Dub name Jim Wraith
Dub nickname Jim
Gender Male
Position Df
Number 4
Element Wood
Team Raimon, Dark Emperors
Game Inazuma Eleven (Game)
Anime Episode 001
Jim head Kageno Jin (影野 仁) is a defender for Raimon, and later for Dark Emperors.

Profile Edit

Jim raimon uniform

  • "The colour of his eyes is a mystery thanks to his fringe."

Jim raimon uniform

  • "His ever-present fringe means his eye colour remains a mystery"

Dark Emperors form :

Dark Emperors Sprite 4

  • "His eyes are hidden by his fringe, but they're filled with darkness."

Jim raimon uniform

  • ""

Apparence Edit

He is tall and have long light purple hairs who hide his eyes.

Personnality Edit

Kageno is quiet, dark and scary but kind and helpful for his friends.

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