Kira Hitomiko
Kira hitomiko 9507
JP name
JP nickname
Dub name Aquilina 'Lina' Schiller
Dub nickname
Gender Female
Position None
Number None
Element None
Team Raimon (Coach)
Neo Japan (Season 3's Coach)
Game Inazuma Eleven 2

Kira Hitomiko is the second coach of Raimon and after that season she is coach of Neo Japan. In Go she becomes Ohisama En's manager.


She has greenish black-hair that are a little way pass her shoulders.She has blue eyes and a fair skin tone. She wears a cream blazer with a grren coloured shirt underneath followed by orange pants.


She is a type of person who speaks only when necessary.She made strange orders for the Raimon but it always ended up with something good for them. She is also very caring especially towards Kiyama Hiroto.

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