Little Gigant
Little Gigant
Original: リトルギガント
Dub: Little Gigantes
Captain: Rococo Urupa
Coach: Endou Daisuke
Manager: Raimon Natsumi (Temporary)
Formation: 4-4-2
Game: Inazuma Eleven 3

Little Gigant is a team led by Rococo Urupa, coached by Endou Daisuke and temporary managed by Raimon Natsumi. They participated in the FFI representing Cortarl.


1.Rococo Urupa (captain) GK3, Fw

2.Windy Faster Df

3.Walter Mountain Df

4.Gini Geino Df

5.Maron Ian Df

6.Shinti Hanpa MF

7.Yumu Rinji MF

8.Kito Ryand MF

9.Maxi Kuu MF

10.Goushu Flare Fw

11.Drago Hill Fw

12.Cain Saito GK3

13.McCall Kisara Df

14.Maygar Neysan MF

15.Ryuu Skell MF

16.Skid Wuu Fw

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