Shindou Takuto
Shindou Takuto
JP name
JP nickname
Dub name Riccardo di Rigo
Dub nickname
Gender Male
Position MF
Number 9
Element wood
Team Raimon (GO)
El Dorado Team 2
Game Inazuma Eleven GO! Shine/Dark
Anime Inazuma Eleven GO episode 1

Shindou Takuto is a main character in Inazuma eleven Go series. He was the captain of the team but later was replaced by Matsukaze Tenma


Shindou has short wavy greyish brown hair followed by brown eyes.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be a caring person.He takes on responsibility too much that may be the reason why he cries in most of the episodes. He is a good friend of Kirino Ranmaru.He is a genius game maker known as the "Baton of God."
His personality changed a lot on Galaxy.He has no faith and doesn't talk so much as he did in GO and Chrono Stone.



GO 2Edit


Strikers 2012 XtremeEdit

GO Strikers 2013Edit

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