Zeus Junior High
250px-Zeus after losing IE 26 HQ
Dub: Zeus
Captain: Afuro Terumi
Coach: Kageyama Reiji
Formation: Heavens Gate
Game: Inazuma Eleven
Anime: Episode 025
Zeus Emblem

Zeus Junior High (世宇子) is a team. They played and lost to Raimon in the finals of the Football Frontier.


  1. Posei Donichi(GK)
  2. Aporo Hikaru (DF)
  3. Hepai En (DF)
  4. Aresu Ran (DF)
  5. Deio Geki (DF)
  6. Arute Saneki (MF)
  7. Herume Matsuaki (MF)
  8. Atena Tomo (MF)
  9. Demete Yutaka (FW)
  10. Terumi Afuro  (MF/Captain)
  11. Hera Tadashi (FW in the anime/MF in game)
  12. Ika Michiyuki (GK)
  13. Aki Tamamatsu (FW)
  14. Heraku Resu (DF)
  15. Kurono Tokio (DF)
  16. Medo Usa (MF)

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